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For a long time, the human being has had the need to stand to be able to replenish forces, so they found that there were certain forms of stones where they sat that allowed them to be more comfortable than others.

Thus we invented the chairs, decorative elements, made to our measure, of different shapes and materials, used for thousands of years from a simple stone to the most sophisticated and expensive chairs.

Its use is very varied, living rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, gardens, today we can no longer pass without them, wood, PVC, fabric, for camping, but what is most of a priority is that they are comfortable and that they are matching your decoration.

How to choose my chairs

What a dilemma we always face when choosing which chairs To buy myself and how they should be.From Chairs of House we will give you a series of premises to make your choice easier, however you can also turn to our website where you will find all the models you need at very advisable prices.

Where we're going to put them

The first thing is to know where they are going to be located, indoors or outdoors; if it is exterior they must be made of materials that do not degrade with the inclement weather, such as teak woods or Rattan; whereas if they are indoors, here we have many more possibilities in terms of that it can be leather, fabrics, woods etc.

Outdoor chairs

In the end, we must always keep in mind that apart from being indispensable elements for rest they must meet a few elements of decoration since this is how we are happy to see.

Teak wood, because it is easy to maintain, they are comfortable, they usually incorporate other elements such as GARDEN SETS with tables or other decorative elements, they are also woods that help the environment.

And rattan, they give a lot of play, they also weigh very little and are very modular, there are sets of all ways even Chaisselong that gives you a lot of capacity.Indoor chairsWhy not?

The interior of our houses

gives us more possibilities and we expand imagination. We make mixtures of styles, of shapes, modern, classic, Nordic, stools, and everything is good for us so I let you browse our website and find what you are looking for.

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